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A sweet little La Catrina ornament!

Muertita I Box Ornament


    This is a sweet little La Catrina and Day of the Dead themed, everyday ornament. The ornament measures  2 1/2" square, is made of paper mache and reproduced images of my original acrylic paintings have been securely mounted on two sides. On the other two sides, green glittered wood leaves have been securely mounted. On the top, a soft red glittered rose has been securely mounted with a skull bead added to the cord! The ornament has been painted with acrylic paint and metallic gold paint has been used to add a nice shine. The entire piece has been varnished with a high gloss finish and can be displayed by its gold cord. The colors and image on the ornament are bright and clear; they accent each other nicely! I've initialed and dated the underside of the piece.

    It's a sweet, colorful and lively ornament that looks great in person!


    The last photo only represents all of the ornaments created.

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