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Original Painting: To You, I'm Just A Puppet


    This is an original painting entitled, "To You, I'm Just A Puppet". It was painted in 2012 and was quite a personal painting for me, hence the title. I have kept this painting for myself.  Oh, how things have changed, and for the better! I really feel like this painting is ready to leave my studio and find its forever home. Whoever purchases this painting, just know, that its been with me for quite sometime and means a lot.

    The painting measures 24" x 36" x 1" and in its frame, it measures approximately 26" x 38" x 1 3/4". The painting "sits" in this black frame (made of wood) and has the illusion that it's floating. It's been painted with acrylic/metallic paint, varnished with a satin finish and a hanger is attached on the back; it's ready to hang. To make the image appear even more puppet like (note her arms and neck), I've added jute and silver-toned embellishments for her to appear that way; like a puppet.  I've initialed/dated the front, titled, signed and dated it on the back.

    The colors are clear, vivid, bright and it looks even better in person! The pictures don't do this piece justice!



    The copyright information does not appear on the actual painting.


    This painting will ship for FREE.

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