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what's in a name?

I've had several inquiries about where the name, 'CATbox Art Studio' originated from and there really is meaning behind it. I think it was really meant to be, actually.

My full first name is Catherine and most of the time my name is shortened either to Cathy or Cat. It just so happens, I'm an animal lover and especially of the feline species. When I worked in the corporate world (19+ years ago), I had my very own cubicle. It was complete with a nameplate on the outside, plus my 'address'. I worked in the information technology department of a major, world wide engineering and construction company; full blown, corporate world! Several of my co-workers shortened my name to 'Cat', replaced my nameplate on the outside of my cubical with, 'Cat Box'. The name stuck. Shortly after I quit that job, I decided to re-name my website (which was Calavera Circus at the time), to CATbox Art Studio. I like the name for many reasons. I think it's humorous, and for me, laughter is the best! I love felines and even better, my name has c-a-t in it. The reason I capitalize 'CAT' is because of my name.

I've sometimes wondered if perhaps being known as 'CATbox Art Studio' is off-putting to some; I hope not. I've sometimes thought, maybe I should change the name and then I think, stop with that momentary lapse of reason and stick with what you love....CATbox Art Studio!

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