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One-of-a-kind, customized Frida Kahlo pop vinyl figurine!

Frida Kahlo No.26 Customized Pop Vinyl


    This is a customized Frida Kahlo pop vinyl figurine.The pop vinyl used was Katniss, "Wedding Dress" from The Hunger Games series (see the last photo). The entire piece has been handpainted and varnished with a gloss finish. The figurine measures approximately 5" x 3" (at the highest and widest points). Clay, resin and satin flowers and glass leaves liven up the top of Frida's head and make her fiesta ready! Each piece has been securely mounted. A clay rose has been securely mounted at her hip as well. Her dress and earrings are a simple black and both have been accented with silver metallic paint, which adds a bit of shine. The colors are clear, vivid and accent each other nicely! I've initialed and dated the bottom of the figurine and numbered it above the backside of the neck. The figurine will arrive in its original, Katniss "Wedding Dress" packaging (and will not fit properly because of the added flowers across her head).


    The last two photos only represents the original pop vinyl used and others that were created.


    This customized figurine is not a toy, is for display purposes and considered an art piece. Please handle it carefully.

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