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Orignial, one-of-a-kind sacred heart illustration!

Original Sacred Heart No.7 Illustration


    This is an original, small illustration featuring a favorite subject, a sacred heart! It's been created with brush alcohol markers, black ink, a very, very fine glitter (that is so subtle that it doesn't appear in these images) and features a banner across the heart that reads, "Love". The image measures 2" x 3", is mounted into a white mat framed in a silver frame that measures 3 1/2" x 5" x  1/2"  behind glass (please ignore the shadows and unclearness of the images, due to the reflection of the glass). The image has been sealed with an ink protectant and the colors will remain vivid and bright! This piece is meant to sit on a shelf, tabletop or any flat surface. The colors are clear and vivid and accent each other nicely! I've initialed and dated this piece on the front, titled, signed and dated it on the back.

    Sacred Heart No.8 is whimsical, colorful and looks even better in person!


    The last photo only represent all of the small, orignial sacred hearts that have been created.

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