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PLEASE read ALL of the pre-order instructions.

Masked Frida Art Ornament



    October 20, 2021: If you would like to pre-order one of these sweet Masked Frida Art Ornaments, here's your chance! This is the fourth offering of these ornaments and the quantity is limited.

    Since we are still currently living in uncertain times and still having to wear face coverings, I decided to paint a mask wearing Frida art ornament last year during the height of the pandemic. The response to these has been a very pleasant surprise! There are several color choices for you to select (it will be the base color for your ornament). If you'd like it in the Day of the Dead style, please select that choice. Please make your selection in the drop down box and remember, the final design of the ornament will be left up to the artist. Once the pre-order is received, please allow at least  three weeks for you to receive your masked Frida.

    The ornament measures approximately 4" x 1 1/2", is made of wood and embellished with different kinds of elements (such as flowers, leaves, butterflies, etc) and black pom pom hair. The ornaments are painted with acrylic paint, varnished with a gloss finish and can be displayed by its silver or gold cord. The colors on the ornaments are bright and clear and they accent each other nicely! Each one is initialed and dated on the underside of the piece.

    The ornaments are sweet, colorful, lively and they look great in person!

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