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PLEASE read ALL of the pre-order instructions.

Pride Art Ornament


    If you would like to pre-order one of these sweet Pride, rainbow flag waving art ornaments, here's your chance!

    In honor of Pride month and to support the  LGBTQ+ community, this little colorful gem is here to support them!  Each art ornament will be numbered and there is only a limited number of these available. Once the pre-order is received, please allow at least three to four weeks for you to receive your Pride art ornament. 

    The ornament measures approximately 4" x 1 1/2", is made of wood and embellished with different kinds of elements: a single flower, the word "Pride" a colorful headband, silver hoop earrings, rainbow flag and big, silver metallic pom pom hair (please be aware, the single flower and tiny elements that surround the body, may differ from this photo). The ornament is painted with acrylic paint, varnished with a gloss finish and can be displayed just about anywhere. The colors on the ornament are bright, clear and they accent each other nicely! Each one is initialed, dated and numbered on the underside.

    The ornaments are sweet, colorful and look great in person!

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